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The BCMS system is special developed for effective control and management of Business Complex Units. It caters for unlimited shop units and with the fastest free database MySQL for the Complex Unit Information. The Eversoft BCMS incoporate the GST (this GST function is activated by default. It can be deactivated by management for those who are not subject to or exempted from GST).

地址:46-05-10 Jln. Sungai Ara Satu, Pg, Malaysia
電話:+6012-492 8372 +604-646-6453
email: msiew168@gmail.com / msiew168@eversoft.com.my
company bank account: MayBank Account: EVERSOFT COMPUTER SYSTEM
Bank Account Number:507143326697
Please send a photostat copy of bank payin slip to above email.
LibraryEversoft Library system is a ultiusers system. It has international standard and are used by many famous chinese library organisation and school. It allows user to record new book particualrs, books reservation, fine for overdue, backup. It allows any borrower to check the status of books available at any computer terminals.