Eversoft Apartment Management Software v 2.0

It is a multi-users software and has been revised and upgraded to meet the increasing apartment management needs. It has the following full functionalities:

Unit Owners Master File. The master file record all Unit Owners data, including full name, IC, Addresses, contact detail, email and many useful information. The standard maintenance fee, quit rent, insurance etc. from which the auto-generate functions depend on them.

Users can alter the name of owner when proper request by the existing owner, showing the actual S & P documents, etc to support the transfer of ownership.

The standard master file for current maintenance fee, quit rent, insurance, store rent, shop rental records all the currently used standard rate. Its content can be changed if there is a change under special circumstances such as increase of maintenance fee, quit rent or insurance decided by the management committee. Auto-General of monthly maintenance fee, store rent and shop will effect immediate when performing auto-generating functions for maintenance fees etc.

Auto-Generating Functions. There are functions that allows user to auto-generate monthly maintenance fees, quit rent and insurance etc. The user can choose start from which month and year and to which month and year, it is very easy and facible to use.

Special official receipt system. The special designed official receipt system not only allow to record of payments received from unit owner, maintenance fee, insurance, quit rent, deposit, shop and shore rents, etc. The receipt system also allows user, after saved, to set off against outstanding maintenance fees, quit rent, insurance, store and shop rents by using select and click actions, it will automatically highlighted the selected outstanding month amount, add up to total. Once user clicks update button, all the selected outstanding amount and months will automatically setoff against the relevant outstanding account.

The official receipt system also provides special records of manually key-in OR No and date function in case of updating old receipts or payments.

It is a real-time system. Whatever functions performed will immediately update to the centre server database.

There are aging reports of maintenance fee, insurance, quit rent for each unit numbers, or viewing on screen easily to use.

The flexible collection reports based by user-login names and for any period, so that management may have clear understanding of total collection for to-day and for any period and by users or all.

To flexible user needs. Potential buyer can choose single computer stand-alone system, where database also in the same computer, but one thing it is not a multi-users system. All the functions are exactly the same as multi-users system except only one operator. The stand-alone system will cut computer hardware cost a lot. That is you only need a good and fast computer with sufficient memory will do.

A multi-user system requires the users to have a delicate computer as server, requires more memory minimum 4 GB Ram, and this computer will only use as a database and can not use other application software on it, such as office etc and must not connect to internet and avoid virus attack.

The clients computers must also require a fast CPU and min. 2 GB Ram. It is recommended to use all of the same OS computers, example, if the server is profession windows 8.1 and other computer must at least the basic windows 8.1 computers to ensure no compatibility problems.

A Single User Apartment Management System is RM4000.00. And multiple users system is RM4500.00. 10% deposit before installation. And balance after installation and training.

Any interested company may contact us at the following email address or handphone number. Eric Lim (012-492 8372) or email : msiew168@gmail.com / msiew168@eversoft.com.my
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