Eversoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Eversoft ERP System is a sophisticated multi-tier DOTNet integrated computerized system for the management and control of production process, material planning and purchasing, inventory and all other enterprise resources planning. There have been successfully cases in using our Eversoft ERP system in many big industries including electronics and processing industries local and overseas such as electronic industries, plastic manufacturing industries and metal Stamping industries etc. In addition, Eversoft ERP system integrates the production cost and financial cost into one linked computer system. With one button click the authorized user can access, view and print real-time customers outstanding status, pending customer Purchases Order, Customer Delivery Schedule, Stock Level Balance, Customer Accounts Receivable and aging reports, separate or integrated financial reports and production and administration overheads up-to-date. The budget and actual status. The status of customers' order in the production process flow.

The Eversoft ERP System is completely developed with the Microsoft DOT Net technology with multi-tiers application supports to Vista operating system as well as Windows XP. The Eversoft ERP system can be accesssed, for security reason the accessible areas defined and controled by the users, through Internet browser in any place over the world.

The main benefits of using Eversoft ERP System allow the industries to have a successful control over every manufacturing process and efficient use of materials through real-time feed-back and tracking system. The effective real-time material requirement planning and feed-back systems also enable the industries toward zero stock planning and control, a Internet enabled supplier application allowing suppliers to deliver goods according to the quota allocated to each registered supplier, a feed back to supplier of their delivery status 'Good' or 'Late Deliver' enable them to control within our stipulated delivery time and towards zero-level stock control. We have experienced and capable programming team helping every manufacturing industries to solve their production and planning and financial issues.. The internet services allows company management to access and view information beyond country boudary. This is especially suitable for international group of company.

Click the ERP System link on the left to view the ERP system main structure, from which it is clear that how the system will be able to help users to plan, manage and control an efficient and effective manufacturing processes and material usages.

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