Eversoft ERP System is a powerful enterprise resource planning system which has been employed and implement by many process and p

Eversoft ERP System is a powerful enterprise resource planning system which has been employed and implemented by many process and product industries such as electronics industries, metal stamping industries, add-process industries, plastic injection and extrusion industries and many other similar manufacturing industries.

The system is a realtime system and comprises the following integrated sub-systems:

1) Sales and Dynamic Inventory Systems:

The Customer Quotation system is linked with the inventory system so that when quoting prices to customer users are able to view the related product stock balance and any previous quotations quoted to the customer.  Users also are able to trace the project quantity in customer order system, so that the mould or other initial costs can be recovered fully.

Store delivery can be updated by confirming the D/O opened by sales department without entering any data by the store-keeper.

Similarly production completed finished goods provide the necessary data for the store-keep to record the finished goods transfer to store simply by calling up the transfer slip and confirm the data with minimum data input manually.

The sales ordering system provides the users with user-friendly interface to recording customer orders and arrangement of delivery schedule and linking to production planning system so that the sales department is able to  arrange for prompt delivery schedule for customer orders.

The sales system also provides for quoting customer product codes if any, and produces invoices with different currency and able to update prices due to changing of currency rate.

the Sales system also keeps track of customer order history, discount info, modification records, and backup.

the Sales Forecasting system provides management with necessary information on sales budget, material forecasting and planning, reducing stock balance to minimum.

the Accounts Receivable provides Sales with customer aging records and information for sales to prepare sales forecasting.

the Dynamic or Real-time inventory system provides for easier production planning and material forecasting needs, and reservation of sales orders.

has been tested under various strick conditions and proved to be capable of providing efficient product planning and management needs, it includes the following easy-used sub-systems.

2) Production Planning System. 

The system is the heart of the production system, capable of automatically calculating material requirements for each sales order. It links to machine master file and provides easy planning of production scheduling.  It also links to dynamic inventory system so that it can evaluate the KIV stock balance if any, linking to production tracking system, be able to provide real-time WIP status.  So that the users are able to plan easily the required production schedule.

a well-prepared Work Order sub-system allows planner to implement the production plans successfully and get the latest feedback information from production by the Tracking System.

Many efficient production reports such daily, weekly, monthly production reports, tracking reports, etc provides valuable information for management to control production processes.

Well prepared BOM and Material Systems also allow users to estimate or forecast any material requirements speedy and easily.  So that decision may be made to arrange for immediate material orders and minimize production down-time.

the dynamic and 'user-configured' Added Process System allows users to add or create new recording system for additional process added-in without programmer assistance.

A well-planned QC and IQC sub-system provides a complete production and semi-product inspection system so that proper records are possible for any rejected product or semi-product, so that management can provided with the first-hand quality information and take immediate corrective action when necessary.

the system also provides proper recording and tracking of materials sent to sub-contractors for outside processing.

In conclusion, the MRP system provides the industry with the most powerful and efficient tools for production control and management.

3) Purchasing System. 

4) An integration Accounting system is provided to link to the production, sales, inventory and Hr systems.

5) HR system provides besides foundamental requirements needed by normal HR system, additonal real-time linking to Smart Card system for recording workers attendance and overtime works etc. so that payrolls can be prepared for easily and effeciently.  The HR system emplayees information are also being used by the ERP system for authentication and approval reference.

Hardware and other software requirement:

The complete ERP System will provide the users with the following minimum hardware and software:

1) 2 giga herz Process Server PC  with 500 Mega byte DDR Ram, One CDR Writer.

2) Microsoft Licenced Small Business Professional Server 2003 with SQL Server 2003 with minimum 5 users.

3) Buyers have their own choice to buy addition uders licences according to their own requirements with their own costs.

Licencing Term and Condition

This ERP Software is developed by  Eversoft Computer System  and belonging to its property.

The users are licensed to use the ERP Software but the copy right is still belong to the developer.

Users are not allowed to copy and install in other industries or corporation without the written consent of the developer.

The users must take great care to ensure the accompanying key-lock is in good condition.  Any damage to the key-lock or any attemp to use the key-lock illegally will be the responsible of the users.

The pictures in the following pages gives users a rough figures of the detail of the entire ERP System fucntioning.

Enquiry as to actual use and implement of the ERP system are welcome and please contact the following:

Eversoft Computer System

System Engineer Mr. Lim